As a Victoria based artist, Renate works primarily in watercolour and oils. Her subject matter have included landscapes, figures, florals and animal life. Renate initially pursued artistic interests through photography and subsequently sketching and painting.

At a young age her interest in art was sparked when her mother shared her oil paints with her. As an adult, her full-time career demands meant that her artistic interests were unable to be fully pursued until recently.

With the exception of several excellent artist-led workshops, Renate is a self-taught artist. Being detail-oriented, she prefers a realistic approach to her subjects in mediums that include watercolour, pastel, acrylic and oils. While inspired by photographs and the natural world, she further develops her painting to produce her own compositions. She favours a warm colour palette, applying numerous glazes of paint to achieve the vibrant colours seen in her work. Renate’s work continues to take inspiration from her travels, textured objects, reflected light and simply the beauty in the world around her.